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What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that contain anonymous information that is saved to your access device by the site you browse through your browser.

What Cookies Are For?
Cookies are something used on the Internet to ensure the functioning of websites and to provide important information to site managers, while allowing a faster and more efficient navigation.

How to manage cookies?
Cookies can be managed by you directly through the settings of your browser (the program you use to surf the internet). Follow the link associated with the browser you use to learn how you can change your cookie settings:

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For other browsers not listed, look for the help option of the software itself.

Third Party cookies
By browsing this website you may also receive other cookies, such as those placed by external platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or others, as well as cookies placed by Google Analytics or other tools that we can use to obtain statistical information about the use of the site. If you do not want to accept Google Analytics cookies, here's how you can reject them.

Cookies in emails
When receiving an email from us it is possible that the same also use cookies to know if the email was opened or clicked. If you wish, you can cancel the sending of these emails at any time.

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